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"Dear Doctors x 7 and Home Health Nurse x 1 = FANTASTIC FORCE FOR GOOD, when Jyllian called to ask us about our need for PPE and explained that she actually had it in her possession, I was more than excited.  Today when she called to say she was in our parking lot with a box of gowns, I felt like it was Christmas. Like so many others, for months we have been hunting for PPE.  For a while [which in COVID TIME is a week or two] we were desperate for masks. Through miracles of connections from Dr. Chen and other medical partners, we survived that wave.  Now it is gowns that are illusive.  We order and they are diverted.  We try new vendors and they are diverted.  We order from unknown vendors and get cheated.  You know this story better than I do.  What I am trying to say is this gift of gowns is so very much appreciated.  Thank you for helping us protect our residents, our staff and each other. You are the best."

-Joan Bosworth, Executive Director of Sequoia Living

"To the Avenidas Team - thanks so much to Paula who dropped off the PPE last week. We appreciate your team's work so much! We were running too low on gowns and your gift saved us! Thank you! Thank you!

-Rhonda Bekkedahl, Director of Channing House