Our Mission

Frontline care providers are the most vulnerable populations to suffer from the COVID-19. These care communities, workers and residents are struggling for survival. Skilled nursing homes, home health agencies, residential care facilities and home care agencies face challenges each week to procure sufficient PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect their seniors and their staff. 


Due to this horrific situation, a group of concerned physicians (Dr. Albert Lam, Dr. Marina Martin, Dr. Mehrdad Ayati, Dr. Amy Hsu, Dr. Yusra Hussain, Dr. Can Chen, Dr. Haini Liao, and Dr. Peter Cheng) and nurse Pat Johnson organized Operation PPE. The goal of Operation PPE is to coordinate the donation of these essential supplies and to distribute them to care communities.  


In May 2020, Operation PPE joined forces with the Avenidas Senior Center of Palo Alto and partnered  with two staff members: Paula Wolfson, LCSW, Manager of Avenidas Care Partners and Jyllian Halliburton, Director of Volunteers.  Avenidas staff share mutual clients with our physicians and share concern for the safety of our elders. They embraced the mission of Operation PPE and have created a storage space at Avenidas.